Welcome to Liberty Lessons Learned

I used to talk to my mother on my way home from work everyday and tell her what I learned that day. The topics would range from politics, to economics, to education, a real potpourri. I am sure she just liked the company of the conversation, more that hearing what I learned in my quest for knowledge. Once, she asked me, “Why don’t you become a teacher?”

That was 4 years ago, and I did not have an answer, since I like being the eternal student, in the quest for knowledge, or minutia.  What she really meant was why am I the only one you are taking to about this stuff?

Now, I have an answer to my mom, two years after her passing.  I now have the platform to teach.  What kind of teacher am I going to be?  I will share with you the lessons in liberty that I have leaned over the past decade.  It is not a platform to give my opinion and meanings behind books, blogs, podcast, and articles, but to bring these vehicles to you. 

I am not stealing these authors information and making it my own. I am simply sharing it with you in one place. These authors constantly want their information shared around the Internet and that is what Liberty Lesson Learned is designed to do.

My close friend is a professor at a prestigious University.  Most classes he scheduled had guest speakers that were authors, head of government departments, and economist.  He explained to me why he designed his class that way; I paraphrase, “why should my students have to hear my opinion and interpretation of books and current events, when I can bring them the actual source?” 

 I will be that type of instructor, I will sit in this virtual classroom along with you and I will bring you the expert professors.