A look inside Washington, how the sausage is made, Yuck!

Jason Stapleton interviews Thomas Massie Congressman from Kentucky.  This segement of the interview Conressman Massey explains the process the House will go through, or not go though in voting on the budget.  Friday 4/28/17 the General Government will run out of money and face a shutdown, (not all a bad thing), but Cogressman Massey has not seen the bill yet, and probable won't see the bill till 24hrs before they have to vote.


Congressmen in the House do not want to make the tough decisions, that is why they went on a 2 week vacation, knowing that the general government was going to need a budget for 2018 passed by Friday April 28.  They would rather be forced by leadership to decide.

Majority Makers

Congressman Massie explains who are the majority makers in the House.  Only 80 seats of the 435 seats are ever important.  They have to  be protected from making tough votes or decisions.

A Better Way? Spending Cuts to Pay for.  You have to hear what the Ryan Care Bill contained.  

The RyanCare bill went through 2 committees, and neither comittee changed a word or punctuation.  Here is the rest of the interview, 

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