Where are the football players in this video? Answer in the locker-room

Among the national anthems performed , as a prelude to sporting events ,the one delivered by Whitney Houston for Super Bowl XXV in 1991 , in Tampa, is considered the best. Her rendition came at a particularly patriotic time , just after the onset of the Persian Gulf war.  Saddam Hussein ordered Iraqi troops to invade the sovereign nation of Kuwait to plunder its wealth, oil was involved in an indirect way in that most of the Kuwaiti wealth was due to oil production. But the President George H.W. Bush,  stepped in when an aggressive dictatorship invaded an established nation with the purpose of seizing its land and resources. 

When there is a war begins, American citizen are particurly patriotic, as you can see in this video.  


Can you spot what is missing. Whitney Huston performs the National anthem, considered the best performance of the anthem. Look around, where were the football players for superbowl XXV, 1991.., answer In the locker room, listening to their coaches final instructions.
Flags were handed out, to the crowd. The fans  waved them.  They were spontaneously patriotic, not manufactured or paid to do so.
This is not the case today.

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