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Overcoming Misinformation, Whole life is not expensive


Whole life is not more expensive than term insurance. It is just a term policy for your whole life plus a Cash Value

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United States Central Panning, The Federal Reserve. Another Failure


Central planning in communist countries always failed. The Federal Reserve is the United States version of Central planning.

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Where are the earning? Where is the industrial growth?


Earnings peaked in 2014. Then how did the stock market go up 40% more? Zero Interest Rate Inflation

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Negative U. S. Treasure yields could become a reality


It is no longer absurd to think that the nominal yield on U.S. Treasury securities could go negative.

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Infinite Banking Concept. The use of "properly designed" dividend paying whole life insurance as freedom from the commercial banks.


That’s not merely an asset that provides a death benefit. It’s also a cashflow-management device that allows you to free yourself from bondage to commercial bankers.” Where others saw merely protection, Nelson saw a way to become your own banker.

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A Progressive and a Conservative vision of the 4th of July


City Representative, Sheilla Hess celebrates 400 years since the first African slave came to America, and 50 years of the Stonewall Riots.
Thankfully Cynthia MacLeod , Independence National Historic Parks Superintendent knows the history of July 4th 1776

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