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Ep. 1104 The Tom Woods Podcast What He Told College Students About Communism


Here’s an overview of what I said about communism to an audience of students at the University of California at Santa Barbara last night. Were the crimes of communism mere aberrations? Were they perversions of an otherwise noble ideal? Or were they the natural, expected outcomes of awful ideas?

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Ep. 986 Lew Rockwell: Will There Be a “Private Sector” Assault on Dissidents?


With various websites (not all “white nationalist”) seeing various Internet services withdrawn from them, and given that our media and political classes are not exactly known for their ability to make fine distinctions, could ever more sites and groups, more or less innocuous, find themselves subjected to this kind of treatment? Lew Rockwell and I discuss this and a heck of a lot else, including the controversy about libertarians and fascism.

There are forces out there as soldiers for a facist agends.

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Tenth Amendment Center, Tenther Tuesday Direct Primary Care


Michael Boldin and Mike Meharrey talk about Direct Primary Care, Health care the way it used to be before Obamacare. A way to Nullify Obamacare. States are working on legislation to allow Direct Primary Care to expand.
Affordable care without the need for insurance.

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Tenther Tuesday Episode 28: Sound Money, Health Freedom and Drone Surveillance


Tenth Amendment Center
Published on Feb 27, 2018

Today is the 404th day that the GOP has failed to repeal Obamacare, but states are continuing to make moves against unconstitutional federal control. In this episode of Tenther Tuesday, Michael Boldin and Michael Maharrey talk about a bill that went to the Alabama governor's desk this week. If she signs it into law, it will encourage the use of gold a silver, and take an important step toward breaking the Fed's monopoly on money. They also talk about several other sound money bills moving forward in other states, along with legislation to promote food and health freedom and limit government surveillance.

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