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Ep. 986 Lew Rockwell: Will There Be a “Private Sector” Assault on Dissidents?


With various websites (not all “white nationalist”) seeing various Internet services withdrawn from them, and given that our media and political classes are not exactly known for their ability to make fine distinctions, could ever more sites and groups, more or less innocuous, find themselves subjected to this kind of treatment? Lew Rockwell and I discuss this and a heck of a lot else, including the controversy about libertarians and fascism.

There are forces out there as soldiers for a facist agends.

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Ep. 915 Southern Monuments Removed, Others Under Attack


The perpetually aggrieved have recently settled upon various Confederate monuments, particularly in New Orleans, as the next thing to be destroyed. Given the level of American discourse (a word I use laughingly in this context), anyone saying a word against this is of course condemned with all the usual low-IQ language of the left. Rev. Larry Beane, pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in Gretna, Louisiana, and historian Brion McClanahan, join me for the discussion.

About the Guests
Brion McClanahan’s books include The Founding Fathers Guide to the Constitution, 9 Presidents Who Screwed Up America — and 4 Who Tried to Save Her, and The Politically Incorrect Guide to the Founding Fathers.

Rev. Larry Beane is pastor of Salem Lutheran Church in Gretna, Louisiana. He teaches at Wittenberg Academy, an online Lutheran high school.

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