United States Central Panning, The Federal Reserve. Another Failure


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'Central Planning' loses before it even begins. In America, central planning of the economy was cemented into place when the U.S. Congress established the monopolist Federal Reserve in 1913. The seeds were planted then, and they have been bearing rotten fruit ever since. The time for planting the seeds of sound money, detached from government, has arrived. The Fed's perennial self-destruction provides the opportunity to think."

The only thing that keeps Central Planning going is Confidence. That confidence will implode in the next recession. The United States has a 1,000,000,000,000 ( trillion) deficit. That means they spend more than they receive in taxes. If the government made up that difference through taxes, that is stealing from us, would we be as confident?  If the IRS came an stole the money from us, would we allow it? 


The fed has created enormous inflation. It is in the stock market. Earnings have been flat in companies since 2014, but the stock market is up 40% since then. This inflation is the OPIATE, that keeps us happy, blind, and CONFIDENT that the Federal Reserve knows what they are doing. THEY DONT know what they are doing. They fed can't prevent the next RECESSION, They caused it.