Infinite Banking Concept


The Case for IBC, a Liberty Lesson Learned review of Chapter 1


I review the book by R. Nelson Nash, L. Carlos Lara, and Robert P. Murphy. The banking system cannot be reformed, but you can secede one business and one family at a time.

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Peter Schiff Fed will continue to try to inflate the bubble economy


Peter told you so, The Fed could not and would not unwind the QE. Federal Reserve policy was a failure.

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Infinite Banking Concept. The use of "properly designed" dividend paying whole life insurance as freedom from the commercial banks.


That’s not merely an asset that provides a death benefit. It’s also a cashflow-management device that allows you to free yourself from bondage to commercial bankers.” Where others saw merely protection, Nelson saw a way to become your own banker.

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Overcoming Misinformation, Whole life is not expensive


Whole life is not more expensive than term insurance. It is just a term policy for your whole life plus a Cash Value

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