Negative U. S. Treasure yields could become a reality


"One likely factor behind the savings glut (this is obviously not the case in the United States)  and negative interest rates is negative “time preference.” Once upon a time, economic theory maintained that people always value today’s consumption more than tomorrow’s consumption – and thus display positive time preference. People would therefore always demand compensation in the form of a positive interest rate in order to forgo current consumption and save for the future instead. People were viewed as impatient, and the more impatient people are, the higher the interest rate has to be to make them save."

"This made sense in a world where people usually died before they retired and struggled to satisfy basic needs. However, it can be argued that in affluent societies where people can expect to live ever longer and thus spend a significant amount of their lifetimes in retirement, more and more people demonstrate negative time preference, meaning they value future consumption during their retirement more than today’s consumption. To transfer purchasing power to the future via saving today, they are thus willing to accept a negative interest rate and bring it about through their saving behavior."


Liberty Lesson, I don't believe there is any such thing as a negative time preference, therefore Ill pay you to take my money and give it back to me in 30 years.  This  topic has been ignored since it was a Europe problem, it is about to be our, the US problem.

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