How long before all of American citizen's civil liberties are attacked? It may not be just those foreigners.

Kelly said the Department of Homeland Security is leading an interagency effort that that is "looking at various options right now" to develop additional vetting procedures for people applying for visas from the countries affected by the executive order. Trump has repeatedly promised to institute "extreme vetting" of hopeful immigrants and refugees.

The seven countries listed in the executive order, Kelly said, lack the kinds of records keeping procedures "that can convince us that one of their citizens is, indeed, who that citizen says they are and what their background might be," so the U.S. is considering requesting additional information from visa applicants.

Kelly suggested that the U.S. could request an "accounting of what websites they visit," "telephone contact information so that we can see who they're talking to," or social media information, though he cautioned that "all of this is under development."

"We will certainly work with countries on this," he said.

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