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Last Saturday I went to the enjoyable play, Tommy and Me, a story about the relationship between Tommy McDonald, 60's football player, and Ray Didinger, sports reporter I remember, as a kid seeing on TV or listening to the Eagles games that featured the "Jergenson to McDonald", quarterback to receiver combination.
Emotional and entertaining play that tells the story of how it took the deserving Hall of Famer, Tommy McDonald, the best receiver in the 60s, so long to get accepted to the hall in 1998.

The play was followed by a short question and answer period. Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist and editor of the Philadelphia Inquirer, Bill Marimow was a quest. Ray Didenger was there to answer questions about the play and story, and Bill Marimow was there to answer questions on the current state of the Inquirer print media.


Bill expressed his concern for the press was not just for the press business, but for the press surviving as the voice of the public silent people. Trump uses the phrase "fake news" to negate the press when they are critical of him and his policies. The fear is that the public trusts the current or future president more than the press and relinquish their natural rights. They include reading any news medium or book we choose. The freedom of the press is free for all the people to have a voice, against a tyrannical power. I think what causes the next event, was the fact that Marimow was critical of President Trump

"Shut up, we came here to hear about football, not this other crap." Those were the words shouted out by an older man with his #25 Tommy Jersey. Others joined in shouting "Yah". Then his wife screamed " E A G L E S". Yes, she spelled it. (super bowl hangover). What the hell, what gave him the power to speak for me. I wanted to hear Bill discuss the current status of the press. How often does one get the chance to hear a Pulitzer Prize winner, speak? That opportunity was stolen. Smartly the moderator moved on and asked for one last question.

Walking out of the theatre some other man thanked #25. "If you did not say it first, I was gonna." I loved the Tommy story, but a journalist and those that use social media are under attack and is of greater current importance. I could not believe this shit storm, that is why I just had to write this. Will the time ever come where people believe everything the president says, or face the consequences of attach from a mod in the theatre.

And don't think for one minute this cannot accelerate and result in journalists or citizens imprisoned for speaking "fake news". Mr. #25 from the Media Theatre will be cheering it, as long as it does not happen during the football season.


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