Don't like W no More

I was a Reagan republican.  During the George W Bush years I could not get enough of Rush Limbaugh’s reports.  I still admire the guy, he website is awesome since he footnotes the information he discusses on his radio show.  He sourced all the news he put on the air.  I thought that was enough, it must be true if he said it and he has a source.  I was a supporter of George W. So much so that my daughter bought me a W hat for my birthday.  I felt for sure that the weapons of mass- destruction existed.  That had to be true because most days Rush had another article he read that proved it was so.  I was deceived.  But I learned liberty lessons.  There is verified news and there is agenda news.  Journalist can research a story, and take the conclusion where the facts lead them.  Or they can start with the conclusion and alter the facts fitting that agenda.


Because I and America were deceived intentionally or not, I learned I have to source my information.  I no longer watch TV news.  I used to watch Fox news all night.  Sound bite news tells me nothing.  I can’t stand TV when they have a two or three person “debate” and all u get is crosstalk shutdown insults.  So, for 20 years I have been obsessed with news.  I may have been consuming news in the beginning of my obsession to defend George W war and neo-conservatives.  I was convinced there was weapons of mass destruction because Rush said it was so. Now, I have a library and schedule of liberty minded journalist podcast and journalist, topics economics, history, and constitutional law. And much much more.


During those year I have accumulated a library of articles and podcast .  I don’t know for who I was saving them, now I have that someone, Liberty Lessons Learned.  I am sharing my experiences with you now.  Now, there is a  problem with shotty agenda driven news, my expertise in invaluable. 

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