Natural Law and Natural Rights are Under Attack

The Constitution represented a coup from the beginning, and it's a dead letter today. The Declaration of Independence, however, is a truly radical libertarian document still worthy of consideration. Judge Andrew Napolitiano, our Distinguished Scholar in Law and Jurisprudence, recently gave a rousing talk at Mises University on the Declaration's natural law tradition–and how federal courts relentlessly and successfully attacked the principles it represented. This is Judge Nap at his scorching best, and you won't want to miss his comments on Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Judge Napolitano explains how the NLT, Natural Law Tradition, was imbeded in the Declaration of Independence.  As written by Thomas Jefferson.  This is a must listen to segment of the total speech

Judge Napolitano then discusses the Constitution, and how natural law tradition, gives way to Positivism.  Positivism defined as the law is what the law giver says it is.  We fought the revolution, but to we really want to limit the power of the government, once we were independent?

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