Jason Stapleton discusses NFL Anthem Protest

  • Highlights from Jason Stapletons August 10th podcast
  • There is nobody saying that you have to be patriotic, this is not the Kremlin, you are not required to pay homage, to the flag or to America, just simply because you play sports here, just because you were born and raised.
  • I love the principles the the country was founded on
  • I am not happy at all how the government has twisted and  distorted what it means to be an American today
  • There will come a time that I will be protesting against the flag. Against what it stands for because it has gotten so removed (from founding principles.
  • We would have gotten so far removed from what the founders intended.
  • We have no choice but to stand in opposition
  • These guys are just there a little quicker, than you and I.
  • The reality they understand, is far different from the one we understand


I recommend listening to Jason every day.  Jason's opinion on protest, go to 23:41


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