Six Reasons to Love the Confederate Battle Flag

Abbeyville Institute

By  on Sep 20, 2018

"Karl Marx opined that “the first step in liquidating a people is to erase its memory.” Shaming the Battle Flag and those that display it, and eradicating it from public view… yes, even in museums… has been the relentless demand of a segment of the political spectrum."

Todys Lesson in Liberty.  

1. Christianity

A prominent feature of the Confederate Battle Flag is the “X” emblazoned boldly from corner to corner. Internationally, the “X” is known as shorthand for “Christ”, thus the abbreviation “X-mas.” The derivation for the design is the pattern of the Scottish Flag adopted in the 15th century to honor Jesus’ Apostle, St. Andrew, who died a martyr’s death on an “X” shaped cross.

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