Direct Primary Care Acts

The first involves states and individuals taking action now to encourage market solutions and undermine federal control. This is already happening in many places. Some healthcare providers simply bypasses onerous federal mandates and expensive insurance bureaucracy by effectively opting out of the system and dealing directly with patients. These “direct primary care” practices can offer standard procedures and medications at much lower cost. This represents the kind of cost control Obamacare promised but failed to deliver. In 2015, Tom Woods interviewed a Kansas doctor who utilizes the direct primary care model. Dr. Josh Umbehr’s practice demonstrates the cost savings possible when doctors are unfettered from the bureaucratic health insurance system. These direct patient/doctor agreements allow a system less controlled by government regulations to develop. It makes doctors responsive to patients, not insurance company bureaucrats or government rule-makers. Allowing patients to contract directly with doctors via medical retainer agreements opens the market. Under such agreements, market forces set the price for services based on demand instead of relying on central planners with a political agenda. The end result is better care delivered at a lower cost.

To read more go to page 50 of The Tenth Amendment Report 

State of the Nullification Movement Report

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