Liberty Lesson "privatized banking" is possible, The Case for IBC

Thinking like a business owner Chapter 1

Business owners tend to see the advantages of the infinite banking concept before most other people. This isn't because business owners are smarter or even wealthier than others. 1

The reason business owners get IBC right away is that they appreciate the importance of cash flow management. 2  They think cash flow over profit.  Profit is what they find out at the end of the calendar year. 

A business owner realizes how it's possible that you could the doing great this quarter and why are also worried about the payroll the next week.3

This apparent contradiction which usually isn't a contradiction is something that salaried employees won't understand. But also who has started a new business or who operates a business and enterprise recognizes this mindset perfectly. 4

Whereas the salaried worker has a steady, predictable cash flow, every 2 week paycheck, the business owner has unpredictable and uneven revenues.  Up one months and down another. Some business have the majority of their revenues at the end of the calendar year.  Therefore the need for lines of credit are unavoidable. They must go to the bank, the traditional commercial bank.  So obvious, where else would they turn.  Well there is an alternative, that offers a privatized bank, independent of the federal reserve system , and financial freedom.

Because  business owners can see the virtues of IBC more quickly than others this is how they  choose to begin their presentation in this book . They  picked financial problems of a typical business owner and then you will see how IBC solve this problem.5  However this is not just for the business owner, it recommends household think like a business.  Think what cash flow you have moving through your "bank", not what you have left at the end of a time period to "invest".  I.E.  look at the first dollar, not the last dollar.

Both Neslon Nash and Carlos Lara are businessmen.  Both men realized the value of having an alternate cash flow management system, during the late 1980, where the tax law changes of 1986, caused problems through out the economy , a spike in interest rates and many bankruptcies.  They found that in times of trouble, your friendly banker is no longer friendly.  Your banker who was your agent becomes your business partner, and controls your business.


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Episode 48: The Case for IBC: Chapter 1, “Thinking Like a Business Owner”

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