The question is not why did the South seceed, but why did the North invade?

“The hysterical Move today to eliminate   Confederate symbols in the American landscape stems from the myth taught for 2 generations that the South seceded to protect slavery well the North invited to abolish slavery.”


“ This claim is as preposterous as it is popular.   No national political party in the entire antebellum period ever put forth a proposal to emancipate slaves.    Lincoln in Congress repeatedly made clear emancipation was not the reason or invasion.   All this talk about slavery as the cause of the wars is a smoke screen to hide the stark immorality of the Norths invasion.    The South did not secede over policy question regarding slavery,  the tariff,  western territory or any other policy.   The South seceded for the simple reason that it wanted to govern itself and was capable of doing so.”


“No one waste time today wondering whether Scotland or Catalonia or the colonies in 1776 really had good policy reasons for secession.   Their desire for self-government and their ability to do it was a sufficient reason.   The question therefore that historian should be asking which is the only question to ask is why the South seceded?   But they should be asking why did the North invade?  There would've been no war had the North not invaded the South.  “

Abbeville Inst
Published on Dec 30, 2015


Dr. Donald Livingston discusses "The Real Reason the South Seceded," at the Abbeville Institute

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