The Road to Surfdom -- What Kids and Adults Can Learn from It

WOODS: So you did not take my advice; you did not title the book The Tuttle Twins Built the Roads. I still feel like that's a terrible missed opportunity, but all the same, I'm glad that the book is out, and I'm glad that the series continues to do so well. So start off by telling people who don't know, which I hope will be a diminishing fraction of people listening, what the Tuttle Twins series is, what it's all about, and what you're doing in it.

BOYACK: In fact, on your last episode we had a lot of people email us, and the vote was actually rather split between The Tuttle Twins Build the Roads and this concept of The Road to Surfdom, and I thought the title itself has the word "road" in it; it's just begging to be used that way, so we went that route. But actually, the story developed really nicely once we decided to go the route of The Road to Surfdom. So at a high level, what this story involves is there's a beach named Surfdom, and so it's this fancy new beach kind of resort, where the government has created all these attractions and everything, and then they have this master transportation plan, where they've decided to build an actual road, a new road that takes people more easily to Surfdom. And so this book is a little different than the others, where in some of the other books it's been a little bit more lecture format, where Grandpa is kind of explaining the Federal Reserve, or their neighbor Fred is explaining the proper role of government and where our rights come from. This one we wanted to be a little bit more observational or experiential, where, rather than just being taught by a wise adult, the twins are experiencing firsthand, they're observing all of the effects that this road is having on the community around them.

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